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Why is Total Shade is the best choice for installing shade structures?

Shade structures, sails, commercial canopies and other various outdoor covers is our entire life. That is all we do all day. Sit around the office talking about the best way to build and install outdoor tensioned fabric shade structures that are custom designed for playgrounds, parks, fields, schools, and other office buildings. Are we losers? Yes, definately. But, once you see how our custom covers will save you or your small child from the harmful UV rays of the sun, you will be thanking us…trust us, you will.

You have probably been hearing the word on the street that Total Shade not only has the best looking employees, but also knows their way around the design and installation of commercial fabric shade structures and such. You heard right, if it’s cloth and its shade and it’s cool, we probably made it or are at least going to claim we did.

Now we don’t mean to brag (or do we??) but in addition to making aforementioned commercial shade structure masterpieces, we happen to be a ton of fun and always practice impeccable personal hygiene, well- most of us. Different story for a different day…Anyway, enough about us, lets talk about you and your awnings and shade structures, shade canopies, outdoor, tension, playground, custom covers, canopy needs. Actually look below to see how great we are and if we float your boat give us a call already!!!

Just to be clear, here are some of the yummy projects we love to design and install – playground construction, restaurants, water parks, bleachers, walkways, pools (we do better work if there are cute ladies in bikinis poolside), carports, industrial shade structures, shopping shade canopies, retail area fun-ness, airports/transportation, athletic facilities, parking structures, resorts/hotels, agriculture, office buildings, schools and universities, please feel free to add your project if it is sexy, if you have money, and aren’t a pain in the neck to work with. All that said, buy some shade structures already.