Shade Structures


All shade sails are not created equally. There are many ways to lower the cost of shade sails. The quality of fabric, thread and structural components determines the durability and longevity of the shade structure. Thread that is not UV protected can deteriorate in less than a year. Lighter weight fabrics can fade and tear in the high winds and harsh sun of the desert Southwest.  Shackles, bolts and other hardware can be substandard.  Some companies use low grade or under sized steel in the posts and footings.

At Total Shade we take pride in the quality of our shade structures from design to finished product. Posts, footings and fabric are engineered specifically for your project.  No canned plans here. Our fabric comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer and we only use UV treated thread. The corners are double reinforced and the sail is bolted to heavy duty corner plates painted to match the fabric. Our experienced installers make sure the fabric is correctly tensioned to enhance the appearance and longevity of our shade sail structures.


  • Tensioned fabric shade structures
  • Steel roofed shade structures and ramadas
  • Fabric Repair
  • Fabric Replacement
  • Manufacturing
  • Custom bags and covers for various military and industrial applications including engine covers, video equipment bags, and refinery containment devices

 Custom Shade Structures

This is just like it’s little brother the shade sail (see below), but typically with a client sporting a more open mind and higher expectations. We twist ‘em, we make ‘em bi-level, we use different shapes, we flat out get a little nutty on these. It’s a little more expensive and a lot scarier out here in custom shade town, but this is where the glory lives. You can write that one down if you like.



These bad boys are fun for the whole family. Sure they are not creative or tricky, but they do keep the sun out and have been a fan favorite for years. Don’t tell anyone, but if you really want to get crazy, we can even make retractable awnings.



Shade Sails

This is our bread and butter. Big scary steel, huge holes, concrete, rebar cages- we are getting our engines running!! This is what started it all, the basic shade structure, often times four posts and some fabric, Shade Sails are a rockstar way to cool and cover people and things.



Roll Ups

Our little friends the rollup. These little fellas are the workhorse of the shade world. We admit they are not terribly creative (or expensive) but do a great job when you want to enclose an area and be able to open it as well (we are talking to you restaurant owner with a bunch of wasted non revenue generating space).



These puppies can be fun. We make sexy tent like structures, you resort types throw a couple of flat screen TV’s in them, charge $100 an hour for them and enjoy your increased food and beverage orders. No, no, don’t thank us, it’s just what we do. Your check cashing is thanks enough.



Sexy Shades & Artsy Shades

Anything made by Total Shade. Pretty much the same as custom shade structures, but if we call them sexy and we call them art, we can charge more money. You know what I’m talkin about!