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Can you install a shade canopy in locations other than Phoenix?

Shade canopy installation is sweeping the nation my friends. Total Shade is unofficially officially the outdoor shade canopy company for Arizona and Nevada. And we are rumored to be moving our commercial sails and fabric awnings into Texas…hmmmm, wonder who started that rumor. Ok, where was I? Ah yes, I was discussing how we install sexy twisty sun shade canopy and tent structures in 2 states, including major cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem, Chandler, Glendale and more. We are also moving some major product in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t just sit there and keep reading this pointless dribble. Contact us today or view our sweet product line of shade structures.

Not sure where you can put our shade canopy and commercial awnings? View applications.

Note: As stupid as we sound at times, we do get serious when it comes to installing our shade canopy covers and sails. Each fabric structure is specifically designed to meet the conditions and the building code for each location. If there is one thing we do take serious, it is money. And if you give us a whole bunch of it we sure as heck don’t want to hear from you again about any problems. Total Shade gets it done right the first time. You can almost put a guarantee on that!

Interested in residential shade canopy structures? Go to Home Depot. For everyone else, especially you commercial folk, contact us today regarding specials and discounts on our sun shades, awnings, shade tents, and other outdoor shade canopy structures.