Phoenix Shade Covers Commercial Shading Systems

Do you have any Phoenix shade covers to show off?

A dark cloud covers Phoenix. Nope that’s just Total Shade. Total Shade is the best shade canopies and sun coverings company west of the Mississippi. Here we give you an example of how we have done spectacular work in the valley. Read up.

Total Shade Project Name: Camelback Pedestrian Shade Covers, aka super shading systems, rockstar sun protection canopies or finest non canvas, cloth commercial shade covers in the universe.

Commercial Shade Cover Manufacturer: Total Shade, who else could pull off such a sexy shade system installation??

Shading System Location: All four corners are now covered with Total Shade commercial shade covers: (that’s right, we got’em all) 20th to 24th Street and Camelback area in beautiful, formerly lacking coverings, sun ravaged, Phoenix, AZ.

General Contractor/Buyer of Shade Canopies Client: Hunter Contracting / Valdez Construction / City of Phoenix – Plus every pedestrian walking by who’s ever used a tool and thinks they know something about sun protection cloth deciding to tell us how to do our shade installation job.

Architect: A Dye Design (Landscape) – who we like because they design cool stuff that makes us Killer manufacturers money.

Unique Installation Challenges: Working to meet the needs of two general contractors, one architect and the entire City of Phoenix. Plus a lot of Government red tape to pull off this shading system…Davis Bacon sandwich anyone? (If you don’t know don’t ask, it will just make you sad). We thought we paid well before!
Buyer if Shade Coverings Client overheard saying: “Man…. that Mike Boyle is very attractive…I mean you hear the rumors about him but wow…eye candy!”

Now we have thousands of happy people under happy shade canopies…now that’s sexy sun protection!!!