Not All Shade Companies Are Created Equal

“How’d you like to learn the right way to specify and install a tension fabric shade structure, or a covered parking canopy, or a Ramada?”  “What if I said we can provide design, engineering, materials and installation for all your commercial shade canopy needs?  “Better yet, does local, or small business, or manufactured in the USA mean something to you?”  Total Shade has become a leader in design build tension fabric structures, canopies and steel structures since 2011.  Our shade structures offer UV and weather protection for all sorts of outdoor spaces, such as; parks, commercial spaces, seating areas, covered parking, auditoriums, playgrounds, schools, water treatment plants, stadiums and much more.  Did I mention we provide full service design and manufacturing?  If you’re an architect, landscape architect, builder, developer or decision maker wanting to provide a solution to an outdoor space, we can offer free consultation.  Have I gained your interest in commercial shade canopies?  There is more, since we are a construction company we can general your project and provide a turnkey solution to any size project.  What does that mean to you?  Shade canopies, steel structures, Ramada’s and carports are not just nuts and bolts.  Our experience in the shade industry is over 60 years, and we provide the best quality fabric, steel, metal, fabrication and installation that you will be 100% satisfied.  Our moto is “Total Shade, Total Solutions” from customer service to project management you’ll receive our best whether your project is $2,500 or $500,000.  I only have three request I ask of you:  One, bring us in early and often.  Two, don’t take my word, please do your research on “commercial shade canopies.”  Three, visit our website for testimonials and pictures, it is chalk full of successful projects we stand behind.