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Question: Have you done any work at ASU or other Arizona/Nevada schools?

Our Arizona State University project. We did this custom fabric shade sail project to protect the ladies of course…

Total Shade Project Name: Arizona State University – Hassayampa Academic Village – Student Housing fabric shade structure and premier custom tensioned outdoor commercial sun protection. (A really long way to say fabric canopies).

Outdoor Fabric Shade Location: Arizona State University – which is in Tempe for those of you who live in a cave…or who went to U of A…or…rode the short bus, window lickers. Just ask where the sexy fabric shade sails are, not to be confused with fabric awnings, those fabric shade structures are way different, try and keep up!!!

General Contractor/Buyer of Fabric Canopies Client: Core Construction / ASU and one crazy fellow who thought our fabric shade sails installers were government agents assigned to protect him. (Lucius…take your lithium)

Architect: Gould Evans – Yay! Tom Chinnok…AKA “the-greatest-architect-who-ever-lived-who-is-way-better-than-Frank-Lloyd-Wright…Frank Who?”

…OK, that’s a little much… but this custom commercial fabric shade canopy job kept the greenbacks flowing for a while, so we have a soft spot for him…plus he’s kinda cute.

Unique Fabric Shade Sail Installation Challenges: Speed Speed Speed! We were behind schedule on this outdoor fabric shade structure installation before we even started on this baby (ask Ian at Core about his 3 heart attacks) so it was Flank Speed from the start.

Commercial Fabric Canopy Client overheard saying: “You know…that Mike Boyle is Salt of the Earth..”
The sexy co-eds….we mean collegiate student body of ASU are now protected from the sun with yummy Total Shade fabric canopies.