Custom Shade Structures Sails Outdoor Fabric Design

Are your custom shade sails the best in the business?

Have you felt lacking in fabric structure vitality? Maybe your custom shade structures have lost their zip* Our outdoor fabric structures are guaranteed to be of the finest quality**. Superior to other manufacturers of commercial custom shade sails***, our product will fix what ails ya****, whether you are lacking in playground or school cloth sun protection or just feeling down and out about your custom shade sails and tents, our patented, custom design formula***** for outdoor commercial sun protection is second to none and is sure to increase vigor*******

* Total Shade does not implicitly or expressly warrant an increased level of “zip”` with the installation of custom design commercial fabric structures. Individual results may vary.

**Our outdoor sun protection fabric structures are NOT guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Quality of custom shade structures varies depending on client investment. Individual results may vary.

*** We have actually heard that there are some pretty good commercial outdoor shade companies out there, after writing this, we started feeling bad about ourselves and our prickly words, maybe you should just call them- they would probably never say bad things about us. We are very sorry… and remember individual results may vary.

**** OK, we were way out of line on this one, to the best of our knowledge, our custom shade sails and tents have never healed anyone on a playground or at schools, but individual results may vary.

*****We have neither formula nor patents. Individual results may vary

******Shade does not increase vigor, side effects may include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anal leakage and death. Individual results may vary.