Commercial Shading

What a stupid category… that’s pretty much any non residential shade structure. That’s right folks we do commercial, and only commercial work. So use your imagination (or call us and use ours) and dream of sexy shades we can make a reality.

 Office Buildings / Complexes

Sure we could sit here and pull all the politically correct nonsense about how shade structures can enhance the curb appeal of your building, make your staff happy by providing them with a comfortable shaded outside break area or covered cooler parking, but we are not going to do that. Let it suffice to say that we are all about creative shade structures and if you have hot angry people and some money, it might make sense for us to talk.


Restaurants & Bars

Are you another one of those poor restaurants with outside space that no one uses? We feel your pain. Our restaurant customers love us and often make back the wad of money that we charge them in a matter of only months after we cover/ enclose/ cool their formerly useless space. We should start charging a percentage of revenue!!



Alright, even though you never have any money, somehow we love you guys. We have heard the story before, too many times. All of our people leave right after church during the summer and never stick around to get to know each other and really engage. If only we had somewhere for them to congregate, they would really get more out of their experience, come more often and invite their friends.


Hotels & Resorts

Do you know how much money your competitors (maybe you) are charging for these sexy poolside cabanas?? You probably already make enough money on food and beverage and don’t need anything to drive that revenue further. If so, no need to call.



Car Wash / Car Dealerships

Ok all you car wash/ car dealership types, this isn’t your first rodeo, you know the necessity of keeping your cars and workers protected from the sun. Your consternation stems from who do I use? Who can I trust? What if I spend a bunch of money and don’t get the result that I want, or the project turns into a total mess? No worries with Total Shade.


Parking Complexes / Walkways

This is a place where you can do something really creative and eye catching or just basic shade. Even basic parking shade goes a long way with clients, customers, and employees. Got to protect their baby and prevent premature aging. We are now able to produce gorgeous fabric shade structures for about the same price as those hot, ugly, all steel structures. Give us a call today.