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Question: Why should I give Total Shade my money?

You are here for a reason.
We are typing for a reason.
You seek commercial shading enlightenment.
We have enlightenment.
You have construction money
We seek construction money
Let’s talk shade, why not?

Maybe you are one of those outdoor retail custom sail lovers. We know your type. Maybe you are even looking for commercial shade structures but are afraid. You’ve played the commercial shading game before, you know the sting of its bite. Outdoor shade construction can be a cruel mistress. We know how you feel, we have been in that scary dark shade buying place. This is not our first rodeo. Fear not, Total Shade is here- everything is going to be ok*

We know who you are you restaurant UV cloth protection needers, you water park tension canopy lovers, you pool shade wanters, you who are desirous of industrial, shopping and retail area custom modular canopy shade, you who lust for airport/ transportation tents and resorts/hotel shade sails. We haven’t forgotten you farm and agricultural needers of commercial shading, and of course you sweaty office building and church building outdoor custom shade tent craver. Call our commercial shade structure helpline now at 602-265-0905.

Is that clear enough? Ready to give us some money? Good, contact us.

Commercial shade structures and outdoor shade canopy construction is our life. This is all we do, all day long. We think up text to put on our website to entertain you enough so you pick up that phone in your pocket (maybe it’s on the desk, I don’t know) and call us. Why give another commercial shade company your money? Their website is not as fun, or sexy. Don’t think about it, just do it already. Call us today. Hot singles ready to take your call…