Happy New Year, 2018 is here!

Whose ready to talk shade? I know many of you are putting your final touches on your 2018 capital improvement budgets.  Many of you as architects, developers, builders, facility managers, HOA’s, purchasers, School and Universities and government decision makers are tasked with determining your needs versus your wants.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when deciding about adding dollars to your shade budget.  1.)  What is my Return on Investment?  2.) Can I afford a shade structure?  3.) What design will fit my budget?  We at Total Shade would like to be the helping hand to answer these questions.   Whether you are shading a playground for the kids, adding covered parking for your employees, or shading an outdoor break area, adding shade to any project will add value while enhancing your space.  Total Shade has worked with many of you and with those experiences, adding shade can be affordable, architecturally pleasing and a return on your investment.   The Total Shade team is available to assist you with design ideas, concepts, budgeting, logistics and installation of your new shade structure. Now that you have decided to budget for a shade structure, what is the next step in the process?  First and foremost, get Total Shade contracted; bringing us in early will not only help with the design process, but Total Shade will save you time and money.  We know timelines are important, shade structures are typically a deferred submittal, therefore, engineering and permitting do add to the overall timeline of the project.  Total Shade has the experience and the expertise to complete your shade project on time and under budget. Summer is just around the corner, give your next shade project the wow factor when you choose Total Shade as your preferred shade partner in 2018.

Not All Shade Companies Are Created Equal

“How’d you like to learn the right way to specify and install a tension fabric shade structure, or a covered parking canopy, or a Ramada?”  “What if I said we can provide design, engineering, materials and installation for all your commercial shade canopy needs?  “Better yet, does local, or small business, or manufactured in the USA mean something to you?”  Total Shade has become a leader in design build tension fabric structures, canopies and steel structures since 2011.  Our shade structures offer UV and weather protection for all sorts of outdoor spaces, such as; parks, commercial spaces, seating areas, covered parking, auditoriums, playgrounds, schools, water treatment plants, stadiums and much more.  Did I mention we provide full service design and manufacturing?  If you’re an architect, landscape architect, builder, developer or decision maker wanting to provide a solution to an outdoor space, we can offer free consultation.  Have I gained your interest in commercial shade canopies?  There is more, since we are a construction company we can general your project and provide a turnkey solution to any size project.  What does that mean to you?  Shade canopies, steel structures, Ramada’s and carports are not just nuts and bolts.  Our experience in the shade industry is over 60 years, and we provide the best quality fabric, steel, metal, fabrication and installation that you will be 100% satisfied.  Our moto is “Total Shade, Total Solutions” from customer service to project management you’ll receive our best whether your project is $2,500 or $500,000.  I only have three request I ask of you:  One, bring us in early and often.  Two, don’t take my word, please do your research on “commercial shade canopies.”  Three, visit our website for testimonials and pictures, it is chalk full of successful projects we stand behind.

The Rise in Shade Structure

What is a commercial shade canopy? I’m glad you asked, there are many misconception about shade canopies. Are they fabric, are they metal, are they framed, how long do they last? All great questions, commercial shade canopies take on many forms and designs. Whether you use fabric, or metal you will achieve the same outcome, which is to provide UV and weather protection. How expensive is shading an outdoor space? If you’re looking for a short-term fix, off the shelf, not custom, no design and engineering and minimal time lines, then commercial shade canopies can be inexpensive. If your concerned with quality, design and service, then commercial shade canopies can be an investment. Not all shade is created equal, anybody who can fabricate steel and sew fabric might call themselves a shade company. The shade industry has seen companies come and go, knowing the right questions to ask, learning more about your needs and finding the most and best for your budget should drive the process. Companies have become use to having higher accountability, and therefore higher productivity. Find the company that speaks to your needs and is willing to partner up and not be the yes person in the conversation with just a price. Everyone knows that direct sunlight and heat is not only dangerous, but can completely ruin the ambiance of an outdoor space and experience, so why not throw some shade. Want to hear something alarming? Statistics state, in the course of a lifetime, one in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer. The most dangerous and most commonly recognized form of skin cancer is melanoma. Commercial shade canopies or shade structures naturally block up to 97% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays (SkinCancer.org).

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